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Q: Is there research on hand towels and dish towels use in home kitchens?

A: Yes. Research shows a link between dish cloths, towels and foodborne illness. Researchers from the University of Arizona collected and analyzed 82 home dish towels and cultured them for pathogens. 89% of the dish towels had fecal coliforms on them. E.coli contaminated 25.6% of the towels. To prevent cross-contamination, air-dry dishes and equipment and use single use towels to dry your hands.

Q: Can I sell cheesecake since it is baked?

A: No. Cheesecake is considered a potentially hazardous food and is not an allowed cottage food. There is not enough sugar in most cheesecake recipes to make it shelf stable even if it is baked. Eggs and creamcheeese have a low acidity level and high moisture content. When baked cheesecake is left at room temperature, conditions are ripe for bacteria to multiply and cause foodborne illness.