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Q: How do I sign up and access the Cottage Food Connection eNewsletter?

A: The Extension  Cottage Food Connection  Enews is a great way to learn what's new, explore food safety issues, get to know other cottage food producers, find out what cottage food producers are curious about and access resources worth exploring. It's a quarterly email newsletter in which you can  subcribe . November 2021 issue  ( Topics: Training requirements and training sources; CFP registration and renewal tips and reminders from MN Department of Agriculture; Updating food list process; Are freezer jams allowed?; Check the label on glitters, decorations to prevent toxic metal poisonings; Meet the flours – wheat flours; PRODUCER SPOTLIGHT Ruth Francour, Aunt Ruth’s Baked Goods; Why are caramel apples with an inserted stick a food safety risk?)   September 2021 issue  ( Topics:  COVID-19 prevention and mask update; New cottage food law reminders and updates; New training materials reflect cottage food law changes; Are your customers at a higher risk of food poisoning?;  P

Q: Is non dairy whipped topping allowed?

A: Yes. Looking at the ingredients, there isn't anything that requires refrigeration for safety. The company may advise refrigeration for quality purposes: "to maintain whipped products smooth appearance, to avoid holes and bubbles, store whipped product at 38 degree F to 40 degree F", advises Richs . Richs says their Bettercreme pre-whipped icing has a 5 day shelf life at temperatures of less than 80 degrees F.