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Q: Is an ingredient label required on all cottage food products?

A:  Yes.  To legally sell a cottage food product, the law requires a label to accurately reflect the name and the cottage food registration number or address of the individual preparing and selling the food; the date on which the food was prepared; the ingredients and any allergens.  The statement "These products are homemade and not subject to state inspection“ is required on the product label effective August 1, 2021. Attach the label to the product’s container for packaged items. For items displayed and sold individually such at a farmer’s market or community event, give the customer a label with the required information.

How do I label ingredients in layered products?

  A: Here's how you can list multi layered items like cakes and cupcakes: Cake: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Filling: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Frosting:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Decorations: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX For each, list in the order from most to least. Image of a ingredient label for layered cupcakes. Photo courtesy of Karen Peterson

How do I label ingredients of variety packs?

Q: When I sell a variety pack of cupcakes (say all 12 are a different flavor) do I have to list each ingredient as it is per each cupcake flavor? For example, do I have to list I bleached flour 12 times? A:. Yes. You need a label for each variety. Ingredients need to be listed in descending order of predominance (from most to least by weight) and may be different for each flavor you make.