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Q: Decorating with glitter? Is it edible?

A: Decorating with glitters, powders and dust is a popular way to add some sparkle to cakes, cookies and cake pops. Some  products promoted for food decorating contain non-edible or toxic ingredients and have caused illnesses. Therefore, in 2018 the Minnesota Department of Agriculture advises bakers to avoid use of non-edible decorative products.

When choosing decorations:

  • Read labels. If it is edible, a list of ingredients is required.
  • Look for "edible" on the label.
  • Non-toxic does not mean edible.
  • Don't use products labeled "for decorative purposes only".
  • If the product does not have an ingredients list, don't use it.
  • If you use non-edible decorations or toppers, tell your customers to remove before eating.

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