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Q: I found a canning recipe for an acidified spaghetti sauce on Pinterest. Can I verify it’s safety by testing the pH?

A: Using research-tested recipes for home canning is critical for food safety. The pH is just one part of the equation when canning recipes are developed in research test kitchens. Safe home canning recipes are developed by researchers who repeat the entire recipe preparation and canning process many times to get accurate data. Researchers put microorganisms into the jars to make sure the processing time is sufficient to destroy them. To prevent botulism when home canning, only use and share tested standardized recipes and resources. Also, remember processing times and methods are product specific and not interchangeable from one product to another. Trusted sources include University Extension websites and publications, the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning and The National Center for Home Food Preservation website. The So Easy to Preserve book from the University of Georgia is amazing.    Be sure to look at the date of the resources and choose sources printed from 1994 and beyond

Q: Do I need a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan?

A: Yes, all businesses are required to have a written  COVID-19 Preparedness Plan template to keep you, your family and customers safe. Write and implement the plan with these resources: COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Template and Completed CFP Plan Examples , Minnesota Cottage Food Producers' Association. General preparedness plan template , Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, available in multiple languages. Minnesota industry guidance documents in multiple languages .

Q: Are there COVID-19 videos and resources in multiple languages?

A: Yes. The University of Minnesota Extension small farms team created five COVID-19 videos to reduce risks on produce farms and at farmers' markets. Great information for cottage food producers, especially if you are a vendor at a market. Videos available in English, Spanish and Hmong . Addtional resources:  Posters, videos and information in multiple languages at StaySafe Minnestoa . StaySafeMN has industry guidance docs in multiple languages .